IS a huge ball of light that followed a mother and daughter evidence of UFOs in Herefordshire? writes CATHERINE SHOVLIN.

Retired police officer John Hanson, who is researching the extraterrestrial phenomenon, has accounts of strange sightings - and he is convinced there are more tales to be told.

Doris Matthews was travelling with her daughter to a Millennium party on December 31.

They left home just after 7.30pm and described how a huge ball of light attached itself to their car and followed them between Mortimer's Cross and Wigmore.

"No matter what they did or where they went, they couldn't shake this light off," said John.

Other motorists have reported similar incidents at Bredenbury in 1982, near the Welsh Border in 1996 and another at Knighton.

More recently, a woman reported a sighting on April 11 on the Kington-to-Brecon road.

John and researcher Dawn Holloway are keen to speak to her, aware of the stress and trauma such experiences can cause in the face of scepticism.

They would also like to hear from a Carole Stringer and Maureen Freeman who reported a similar incident back in 1980. Then, they were living at Barons Cross.

John and Dawn have travelled the country talking to people who have experienced what can often be 'personality-changing' sightings.

"Many people speculate as to whether such 'objects' are, in fact, extraterrestrial," said John.

"In our opinion, this is highly unlikely. However, although many people still treat the subject matter with ridicule, the facts speak for themselves."

Any readers who have been followed by a 'ball of light' should contact John Hanson at P O Box 6371, Birmingham B48 7RW. He will return the cost of postage and promises confidentiality.