WOOL payments are to be made to producers in infected areas. The British Wool Marketing Board agreed at its last meeting to pay the balance payment for last season's wool clip to all producers who are unable to move their clip.

Normally the balance payment would be made when a producer delivers this season's clip but producers in infected areas are unable to deliver their wool to the board's depots due to movement restrictions.

The balance for last year's wool will be paid to producers in infected areas, and those on D notices who have not been able to generate any income since the start of the crisis.

Payment will be made on the receipt of a letter to the board's registration department stating that they are in a restricted area.

Producers whose livestock have been culled should also contact the department and their balance will be paid as soon as possible.

A spokesman said the board had made the decision in response to requests from producers, despite its own finances being severely affected by foot and mouth.

Sales volumes of wool have been reduced due to the problems of taking in wool from producers and having to store it for two months before it can be released to buyers.