THE new mayor of Kington knows which side his bread's buttered - his family have been bakers in the town for more than a century.

Councillor Robert Hussey's first term as mayor is the culmination of a long career of civic duty.

First a town councillor in the mid 1970s, he is also chairman of the Chamber of Trade, vice chairman of the governors of Lady Hawkins School and was a charter member of Kington Lions.

In the business world the Hussey family have been baking bread for the residents of Kington since the 1860s and in the same premises since 1911.

The new mayor has plenty of goals for the coming year, "I'd like to see improvements in the roads, pavements and in the facilities for the young and old. I'd like to create a hard surface path near the river so that the area can be appreciated all year round."

But the main aim concerns the new town hospital, "I'd like to see our new hospital opened. That would a great honour though I must say it's thanks to a lot of people especially ex-mayor Rob Simcock."