FOUR Herefordshire students have been recognised and rewarded for excellent work in the community, writes JONATHAN RUSSELL.

The teenagers were presented with 'Good Citizenship Awards' by Superintendent Guy Rutter at a ceremony at Hereford police station.

Dennis Longmore, of Hereford LEA, said: "All the children nominated have shown they are motivated and achieving. They are grabbing destiny with both hands."

The mystery behind the awards was how the teenagers found time for their school work among their other achievements!

Reward for working hard

Rebecca Brown, 14, from Hereford has been a member of St. John's Ambulance since she was six. She has completed 506 hours of service as well as working in the Marches Playscheme.

She is learning sign language through her work with Sarah, a handicapped girl, and supports her grandfather and a neighbour. Obviously delighted by the award she said: "I am very proud of the award though it seems very normal what I did."

Judy Bridges, 17, just elected headgirl of Minster College in Leominster is working hard to achieve her ambition. She wants to be a primary school teacher and has completed work experience to back up her claim.

She is a volunteer in the student support scheme helping younger students make the transition from year six to year seven.

Clearly relishing every minute of the ceremony she said: "I just want to keep enjoying what I do."

Manos Adoniados, 15, from Aylestone High School in Hereford is working hard for his exams. "I'm doing my GCSEs at the moment but I will maintain the same level of commitment." He has worked with St. John's Ambulance, is deputy headboy and is an accomplished musician.

Kim Edwards, 16, from Whitecross High School in Hereford is a school prefect, practises his music and is on top of his school work. All impressive enough, but he has achieved all this while recovering from a serious road accident 18 months ago. He will be back in hospital in two weeks to have metal plates removed from his leg.

Pleased but slightly bemused by the award he said: "My mates were amazed I got it. I have a bit of a reputation for not obeying the rules."

The awards are part of a drive between police and education authorities to support citizenship within education.

All the students were given a certificate, lapel badge and a donation for a charity of their choice.