TRIBUTES have been paid to a prominent member of the Church of England clergy who retired to Ledbury after playing a leading part in the post-war recovery of Coventry Cathedral.

The Venerable Jesse Proctor, who has died at the age of 92, arrived in Coventry in 1946 to become Precentor of a cathedral which lay in ruins, having been destroyed by German bombs six months earlier.

He became known as 'oil-can' by the cathedral staff as 'it was he who poured the oil, which smoothed troubled waters'.

Editor's dream

The people of Herefordshire remember him best, however, as a much-appreciated pastor who contributed 100 articles to the Ledbury Team Ministry magazine.

Editor Alan Starkey recalls: "He was an editors 'dream' - his copy always arrived in batches of three articles well in advance, accompanied by a note urging that they should only be included if there was adequate space. I miss him."

The magazine adds: "Jesse Proctor will be remembered by many people in and around Ledbury.

"His great depth of spiritual insight, combined with wide experience and a delightful sense of humour gave him that rare ability to be both a wise counsellor and a good friend to both clergy and laity alike."