SCARECROWS are lurking in garden sheds all over Dormington at the moment, writes ELIZABETH WATKINS.

But pop along on Sunday and they will be seen in all their glory posing in local gardens.

More than 10 scarecrows are expected to be competing for the Best Scarecrow 2001 title and members of the public are being urged to turn up and cast their vote.

Gardens large and small will be open in Dormington for public view on Sunday and the owners have promised scarecrows for the competition.

All the gardens are within walking distance of each other and teas, cakes and plants will be sold under a tree at the home of Bridget Wood at Dormington House.

Mrs Wood has already completed her scarecrow and allowed him out in the garden for a few minutes, for a sneak preview.

The gardens will be open and voting take place between 2pm and 6pm. Inclusive admission will be £2.50 and all proceeds will go to the Dormington Church Restoration Appeal Fund.