It's arts week again at John Masefield High School, and the whole of Ledbury will feel the benefits today (Friday) as scores of youngsters bring Latin America and Africa to the streets.

Nine arts professionals have been in school all week, and the result will be the La Fiesta Del Secuestro show, to be performed at a number of venues.

The display of street theatre will feature Samba drumming, West African dance and aspects of Italian baroque drama.

Martyn Moxley, head of arts education at the school, which is a designated arts college, said 170 students had benefited from the week, and up to 100 would be involved in the final production, including costume makers.

He said: "It's going very well, brilliantly. Instead of taking breaks, some students have been rehearsing and trying out the tricky bits."

The travelling show will start at Ledbury Primary School at 12.30pm and arrive to the Feathers Hotel at around 1.20 pm, before moving on to Ledbury Day Centre.

The finale will take place under Ledbury Market House, about 3pm.