A man who videoed Bromyard town councillors in action and put them on the Internet has agreed not to do it again, although he believes he was acting in the public interest.

Peter Jarman, of New Road, attends most town council meetings and has previously used his notes of proceedings to put reports on the web.

At last month's meeting, he decided to take his video camera instead, when councillors were discussing controversial issues such as the industrial relief road and the proposed town swimming pool. Afterwards, he put his recordings on the Internet.

This led to complaints from councillors and a request from town clerk Mike Cresswell for no more videos in the Chamber.

Mr Jarman said: "In these times of open government, I can't see what the objection is in my getting some accurate record of what occurs during a public meeting. It's a lot more efficient than a shorthand note pad.

"I was looking into the possible legal implications and it seems one or two councils are happy to be videoed during meetings, so long as there is permission. I assumed it would be OK."

Mr Jarman said Manchester City Council is one example where videos had been allowed into the chamber.

Mr Cresswell said he had spoken to the National Association of Local Councils which had "confirmed it is illegal to record and video meetings, unless with the say so of the town council".

"I have spoken to Mr Jarman and he has agreed to stop," he said.