STRUGGLING to find a referee, Drybrook were reduced to asking one of their former players to help out.

DRYBROOK II 14pts, Ledbury II 10PTS

The result was at best a staccato and at worst a turgid affair, between two sides who had every intention of trying to play some rugby; this however was denied by the stand-in referee who only had a vague grasp of the laws, which created frustrations for both sides.

Ledbury began well, controlling the set pieces well, as well as managing to disrupt the Drybrook scrummage-and when they swung the ball wide, centre Dave Perkins caused havoc for the Drybrook defence with his bullocking runs.

He broke clear on numerous occasions, and on the third he put winger Dave Wright clear to score under the posts, Dave Robinson converted.

Ledbury should have piled on far more points than they managed, and made several substitutions which unfortunately de-stabilised the pack, allowing Drybrook, with help of the slope to get back into the game.

Drybrook soon managed to stretch the Ledbury defence, allowing their winger to go over in the corner.

Ledbury's frustration saw them give away far too many penalties, Drybrook got closer with a well struck penalty from the touchline, and two further penalties sealed Ledbury's fate in this rather bizarre game.