MADAM, I fully endorse the sentiments expressed by Mr W J Corbett, on January 2.

Why on earth has Hereford no north-south bypass for the important north-south Wales A49 road? Virtually every other town has - locally Ross, Ledbury, Leominster, Ludlow, Evesham, Abergavenny, Brecon and Kington. Every other sizeable town or city has a bypass - just consult an atlas to see.

As a city, Hereford is strangled by traffic jams and delays. The proposed bypass of 10 years ago was scuppered by the do-gooders who do not live in the real world.

What does it matter that Elgar was supposed to walk on the Lugg and Wye Meadows? This is the 21st century and we must move with the times.

As a city, Hereford is shunned by investors, industrialists and factory developers - as it is a backwater with no decent road communication. The Roman Road improvements planned will be a minor help, but do not solve the major problem nor will the proposed Rotherwas link road which itself will be of little value.

What are public body representatives doing - seemingly nothing. They appear to have achieved nothing in the last decade except damage Ross with its stupid one-way system and lack of parking, close two hospitals in Hereford and built a new one with 50 beds fewer in a congested area with poor access and virtually no parking. They have also increased our rates considerably.

Councillors and MPs take the bull by the horns, get your priorities right, you know the problem and take some action. You have been elected to serve the county but appear to achieve very little.


Hill Farm, Marstow,

Ross on Wye.