TWO motorcycle enthusiasts who rekindled their passion for the sport after becoming friends at a Hereford company have now tasted championship success, writes Ian Morgan.

John Lewis and Mark 'Max' Chaundy teamed up to lift the Forgotten Era Championship after 12 rounds at the Tonfanau Mid Wales, Crewe and South Cheshire Road Racing Club.

The victory was particularly satisfying for the pair because it was the first time that Chaundy had raced since suffering multiple fractures in a crash in 1994, while the Fahron bike owned by Lewis had not been ridden competitively since 1987.

Chaundy, now a self-employed engineer, raced competitively every weekend 20 years ago and finished runner-up in a couple of production classes in the early 1980s.

But he said: "The accident left me with multiple injuries and I have still got metal plates in both arms. However, when I met John when working at Bulmers, he said he had a Fahron which he wanted to race, so I decided to bite the bullet again."

He added: "John was worried about his machine and I was quite worried about my ability. But we had no need to worry, really, because we finished first in seven rounds, came second in four rounds, and also finished a fourth in wet conditions."

Chaundy also competed on his own bike, a 250 cc Suzuki, and finished second in the Supersports Championship.

Lewis, who lives at Norton Canon, has been involved in motorcycle racing since 1976. He has been the proud owner of the Fahron since buying it in 1978.

Lewis said: "Previously, the bike had always been raced by my friend, Douglas Milward, and his last win on the Fahron was at Pembrey Park in 1985 when he led the Welsh Championship for most of the season."

He added: "Obviously, we are delighted with the success and, hopefully, Mark will attempt to retain the title."