Ledbury Tourist Association is spending thousands of pounds to help promote the town all over the world.

The group's web-site, www.visitledbury.co.uk, is being relaunched, reworked and redesigned by former town councillor Spencer Lane.

The association has also increased the town's profile in the Herefordshire and the Wye Valley Visitor Guide 2003, which is published by Herefordshire Council and the Association for the Promotion of Herefordshire.

Talbot Hotel manager Andy Ward, chairman of Ledbury Tourist Association, said: "Around 80,000 copies are printed and it goes all over the world. Our presence in the publication and on the Internet means we are investing in Ledbury's future."

Events being promoted globally this year include the English Festival in April, Ledbury Poetry Festival and Ledbury Carnival.

Coun Lane said: "I'm very happy to help the tourist association. The web site has to be current, new and good. I'm pleased to see a group of people actively promoting the town."