AFTER reading articles in the Hereford Times, concerning curbing speeders and so called 'rat runs', the question I have to ask the residents of Westfaling Street and Councillors David Short and Mary Bew, is, what came first the chicken or the egg?

Keeping this in mind did the road in Westfaling Street come first or the residents, and was the road put there so vehicles could move from Whitecross to St Nicholas and beyond without going near town?

The majority of users on this road do not speed. A minority will whether there is a 20, 15, 10 or at the moment a 30mph speed limit.

Do not think it is always the driver's fault when accidents occur and all you have to do is reduce the speed limits.

People need to be educated in the Highway Code. Humps in roads are not the best things either, especially if you are being rushed to hospital with a broken back or neck.

So let's think and look at ourselves before blaming anyone and bring back educating people in the Highway Code.


Westfaling Street, Hereford.