KATHLEEN Davies came late to country life, being a sprightly 76 on shifting to Herefordshire from her native Birmingham.

And at West Eaton House, Leominster, they say she is still as sprightly at 100.

From the office girl that started work with Cadbury's at Bournville to the devoted great grandmother of today, Kathleen has kept up an active life.

In 1980 that life led she and her late husband Leslie to a cottage at Yatton where - for a time - they lived next door to their daughter Margaret.

Kingsland Church has particular cause to be thankful at Kathleen's arrival. Her handicrafts were a permanent fixture of church fundraising for 10 years.

Even at 90 Kathleen could be found in the kitchen catering to visiting family.

So it was appropriate that the family should celebrate her century with a special meal at the Barneby Arms, Bredenbury, long a favourite spot.

Four generations of family then joined friends and neighbours at West Eaton House.