STAYING in Ledbury recently, we got tickets to Carry on Down the River.

It was such a good idea, combining an evening river cruise with drama and I was looking forward to it. But now, I have to say it was a most tasteless choice of production, especially for unsuspecting visitors.

It was a bit daft to say the least but we set out to enjoy it and we laughed at the sketches, some rude, some clever, and I was still laughing until half way through the church yard sketch, when the name of Jesus was spoken in jest: "This is my friend Jesus, say Hello to the people Jesus" (from the steps of the cross) "'Allo" (in a silly voice).

It was so disrespectful and blasphemous all my enjoyment went. A local elderly gentleman came to make a protest and try to stop the show. His wife was buried there and he was extremely upset. Two other people were there for a similar reason. I wasn't surprised.

The elderly man got a lot of sympathy from the audience, and some of us promised him we would do something about it to make his feelings known.

If the actors had insulted the name of Allah, Buddha or Muhammad there would be hell to pay from the Race Relations Board so why is it OK to insult Christians?

I've no doubt the vicar gave his permission for the use of his churchyard, but I doubt he knew the content. I add this small episode did not spoil our week in Ledbury. Herefordshire is a lovely county with many interesting attractions.


Westland Road, Kirk Ella,