A Hereford man who tried to steal meat from three supermarkets in the city appeared before magistrates last week.

Alexander Martin Tregoning, of Ledbury Road, Hereford, admitted three counts of theft.

John Barnett, prosecuting, said Tregoning was detained, on the first occasion, by security staff from Tesco's store on March 26.

The court heard 28-year-old Tregoning was carrying a bag with packets of steak inside and had gone past the cash desk when he triggered the security scanners.

Mr Barnett said Tregoning, who had no money, dropped the bag and started to run but was caught.

Tregoning was chased from the Safeway store, from which he was already banned, on April 9 after putting meat into a shopping bag, the court was told.

Again, Tregoning dropped a shopping bag and fled but he was caught, Mr Barnett said.

Three days later, on April 12, Tregoning was spotted by a member of staff shopping at Sainsbury's. But, realising he should not have been in there and noticing he was being observed, the 28-year-old decided to leave.

Mr Barnett said Tregoning admitted being inside the store but denied dropping a bag containing three joints of meat.

Aidan McGivern, defending, said Tregoning was remanded in custody for having committed offences while on bail.

"The court should be aware that Alex has spent a month in prison since remand and has served the equivalent of a two-month custodial sentence to date," he said.

He added: "The offences relate to the non-use of medication and his inability to keep things under control. We have a young man who has committed three petty offences leading to a loss of his liberty."

Tregoning was made the subject of a 12-month Community Rehabilitation Order.