THE Herefordshire AA Track and Field Champio-nships produced several fine performances at Hereford Leisure Centre last Saturday.

The pole vault competitions produced four excellent champions with Sam Horton, of Hereford and County AC, vaulting 3m to win the under-17 men's title, James McLeod winning the under-13 boys' event with a 2.55m vault, and Emily Tomkins, of Hereford Cathedral School and HCAC, taking the under-15 girls' title with 2.20m.

And Eric Spink, who recently moved from middle-distance running, reached 2.90m in the under-15 boys' competition to exceed the standard for the English Schools Championship.

Also in the under-15 boys' competition, Ewan Short recorded a triple success in the 800m, 1500m and 3000m.

Weobley High School and Hereford Cathedral School both enjoyed memorable afternoons with 11 gold medals each.

Weobley's star performers were under-17 athletes Mark Lamonby and Henry Lort who won eight medals between them, while Cathedral School's Nicola Nenadich won both the shot and the discus in the under-15 girls' competition where Leah Preston (HCAC) leapt 4.60m to win the long jump.


Under-13 Boys

80m Hurdles: 1 M Morgan (St Marys) 18.2s, 2 R Cooper (St Marys) 19.4s.

100m: 1 J Bristow (HCAC) 15.5s, 2 M Morgan (St M) 16.1s, 3 D Williamson (HCAC) 16.9s.

200m: 1 E Pepperell (AHS) 29.0, 2 R Nicholas (WHS) 30.0, 3 J Bristow (HCAC) 33.9.

800m: 1 R Nicholas (WHS) 2m 40.6s, 2 D King (WHS) 2m 45.7s,3 R Cooper (St M) 2m 47.8s.

1500m: 1 D King (WHS) 5m 28.1s.

High Jump: 1 D Williamson (HCAC) 1.11m.

Long Jump: 1 R Nicholas (WHS) 3.88m, 2 J Bristow (HCAC) 3.68m.

Pole Vault: 1 J McLeod (HCAC) 2.55m.

Under-15 Boys

200m: 1 T Clarke (WHS) 26.7s.

800m: 1 E Short (BHBS) 2m 21.3s, 2 G Moczulski (BHBS 2m 32.5s.

1500m: 1 E Short (BHBS) 4m 38.5s, 2 L Mammatt (WXHS) 5m 05.5s.

3000m: 1 E Short (BHBS) 10m 45.4s.

Long Jump: 1 E Spink (HCAC) 4.55m.

Triple Jump: 1 E Spink (HCAC) 11.12m, 2 G Moczulski (BHBS) 10.59m.

Shot: 1 J Day (HCAC) 11.47s, 2 T Clarke (WHS) 10.28s.

Javelin: 1 T Clarke (WHS) 31.26m, 2 J Day (HCAC) 28.70m.

Hammer: 1 J Day (HCAC) 30.84m.

Pole Vault: 1 E Spink (HCAC) 2.90m.

Under-17 Men

100m: 1 J Au (WXHS) 12.3s.

800m: 1 M Lamonby (WHS) 2m 26.2s, 2 C Pugh (HCAC) 2m 26.3s, 3 J Babington (HCAC) 2m 27.8s.

1500m: 1 J Babington (HCAC) 4m 51.8s, 2 C Pugh (HCAC) 4m 55.6s, 3 M Lamonby (WHS) 4m 58.1s.

3000m: 1 M Lamonby (WHS) 11m 19.9s.

High Jump: 1 J Weston (WHS) 1.57m.

Long Jump: 1 J Au (HCAC) 5.57m, 2 M Lamonby (WHS) 4.52m.

Triple Jump: 1 J Au (WXHS) 11.86m, 2 M Lamonby (WHS) 10.30m.

Shot: 1 H Lort (WHS) 9.11m, 2 S Horton (HCAC) 7.51m.

Discus: 1 H Lort (WHS) 24.46m, 2 S Horton (HCAC) 18.29m.

Hammer: 1 H Lort (WHS) 19.29m.

Pole Vault: 1 S Horton (HCAC) 3.00m.

Junior Men (Under-20)

100m: 1 R Reynolds (HCAC) 11.8s, 200m: 1 M Harris (HCAC) 26.6s.

800m: 1 M Bailey (HCAC) 2m 23.5s.

1500m: 1 M Bailey (HCAC) 4m 48.7s.

High Jump: 1 A Philips (HCS) 1.90m.

Senior Men

100m: 1 R Pugh U/A 14.0s.

200m: 1 T Head (RERC) 28.7s.

400m: 1 M Hams (HCAC) 61.0s.

800m: 1 T Head (RERC) 2m 25.33.

Long Jump: 1 M Harris (HCAC) 4.91m.

Shot: 1 C Jones (HCAC) 10.50m, 2 B Jones (HCAC) 8.00m, 3 D Jones (HCAC) 7.91m.

Discus: 1 B Jones (HCAC) 31.80m, 2 C Jones (HCAC) 30.69m.

Javelin: 1 B Jones (HCAC) 37.93m, 2 D Jones (HCAC) 31.02m.

Under-13 Girls

70m Hurdles: 1 C Ramsey (HCS) 15.2s.

100m: 1 E Heath (HCAC) 15.4s, 2 L Clarke (HCAC) 15.7s, 3 A Brace (HCS) 16.3s.

200m: 1 L Clarke (HCAC) 32.2s, 2 T Mammatt (HCAC) 32.5s, 3 A Brace (HCS) 32.6s.

800m: 1 S Nicholls (AHS) 2m 48.7s, 2 V Brann (HCAC) 2m 50.9s, 3 E Heath (HCAC) 3m 03.7s.

1500m: 1 V Brann (HCAC) 5m 33.9s, 2 C Stanbridge (HCS) 6m 02.0s.

High Jump: 1 C Ramsay (HCS) 1.17m, 2 C Board (HCAC) 1.17m, 3 E Lewis (HCS) 1.14m.

Long Jump: 1 S Nicholls (HCAC) 3.56m, 2 L Clarke (HCAC) 3.50m, 3 T Mammatt (HCAC) 3.47m

Under-15 Girls

100m: 1 L Preston (HCAC) 13.6s, 2 R Skinner (HCAC) 14.2s, 3 A Stephens (WHS) 14.7s.

200m: 1 L Preston (HCAC) 29.3s, 2 R Skinner (HCAC) 30.9s, 3 A Stephens (WHS) 31.6s.

800m: 1 K Smith (HCAC) 2m 46.6, 2 E Tompkins (HCS) 2m 47.4, 3 S Boulton (HCS) 2m 49.5.

1500m: 1 M Kirkbride (HCAC) 5m 42.7s, 2 K Smith (HCAC) 5m 57.3s.

Long Jump: 1 L Preston (HCAC) 4.60m, 2 R Skinner (HCAC) 4.48m, 3 S Lamonby (WHS) 3.55m.

Shot: 1 N Nenadich (HCS) 6.79m, 2 H Pudge (HCS) 5.91m, 3 S Boulton (HCS) 5.68m.

Discus: 1 N Nenadich (HCS) 17.62m, 2 H Pudge (HCS) 15.99m.

Javelin: 1 E Tompkins (HCAC) 21.86m.

Pole Vault: 1 E Tompkins (HCAC) 2.20m.

Under-17 Women

100m: 1 A Ellis (HCS) 13.4, 2 A Robertson (StM) 14.0, 2 T Fry (HCS) 14.7.

200m: 1 A Ellis (HCS) 28.6s, 2 J Fry (HCS) 31.6s.

300m: 1 T Pepperell (AHS) 48.3s, 2 N Eakins (HCS) 49.3s.

800m: 1 K Head (HHS) 2m 53.7s, 2 N Eakins (HCS) 2m 55.1s, 3 E Phillips (HCAC) 2m 56.1s.

1500m: 1 O Sawyer (HCAC) 5m 45.2s, 2 K Head (HHS) 6m 09.2s.

High Jump: 1 S Joss (HCS) 1.40m.

Long Jump: 1 A Ellis (HCS) 4.08m, 2 J Fry (HCS) 2.99m.

Shot: 1 A Robertson (HCAC) 7.56m, 2 S Hunter-Choat (HCS) 7.49m 3 S Connop (HCS) 6.89m.

Discus: 1 S Connop (HCS) 18.20m.

Hammer: 1 A Robertson (HCAC) 23.20m.

Junior Women

100m: 1 S Fletcher (HCAC) 13.4s.

Senior Women

High Jump: 1 C Walton (HCAC) 1.50m.