Drivers passing the Newtown Cross Garage could soon pop in for a haircut and makeover.

Garage owner Stephen Morgan has applied for the second time to Herefordshire Council for planning permission for a hairdressing and beautician's salon on the site.

Ironically, although Mr Morgan was a leading opponent of traffic lights at the crossroads, he says their introduction may actually help his case.

A year ago, he applied successfully to put a bakery there and add to his trade, but the addition of a hairdresser and beauty salon on the first floor was rejected.

Herefordshire planners feared that the salon would cause extra traffic problems at the crossroads, a known accident blackspot.

Mr Morgan, who is also a Yarkhill parish councillor, has always been opposed to lights at the crossroads, believing that large tailbacks could be created stretching past his garage.

Despite a fierce public debate, the council is pushing ahead with installing lights at the crossroads by the late summer.

Mr Morgan said: "With my original application, they were concerned about the crossroads, but with the lights going in, is the problem solved?

"I think there is a need. The nearest hairdressers from here is at Bishop's Frome."

If successful, converting the upstairs of the garage premises would be a case of improving the floor, lighting and adding ventilation to the roof. The premises itself was re-roofed a year ago.

Mr Morgan said the new endeavour would create four new jobs.

He added: "I have no expertise of this area, but we could franchise it out or bring someone in."