FLICKS IN THE STICKS - There is a Borderlines Film Festival double bill on Sunday at Yarpole Village Hall. Rumba (PG) is at 4pm. A hysterical, distinctly non-PC, nearly silent comedy about two teachers who live for their weekends of Latin dancing. When they have a freak car accident, she loses a leg, he loses his memory. Cue all sorts of silliness, plenty of fancy footwork, and some of the best clowning and mime seen on film in recent years. Moon (15) is at 7.30pm. Superior sci-fi, full of bright ideas, with a killer lead performance from Sam Rockwell, this is funny, creepy and intriguing. Set in an entirely plausible near future, Moon is an original, smart, inventive mystery with many a nod to classic sci-fi.

Tickets cost £4 and £3 for under 18s.

Contact Julian Stokes on 01568 780253 for further information.