TWO brave students wore their hearts on their sleeves and little else on national television this week in a bid to highlight confidence issues among disabled people.

The plucky pupils from Hereford’s Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) learned “How To Look Good Naked” with style guru Gok Wan.

The fashion icon’s new series, How To Look Good Naked With A Difference, aims to give those with disabilities a boost.

Julie Thomas, who along with Dave Rawlings took part in a nude photo shoot during the programme, said: “It will be something I’ll always be proud of, and if it helps just one person with a disability to have a more positive attitude about their appearance, I’ll be delighted.”

Viewers saw disabled women overcome various emotional and physical barriers when buying clothes in the episode on Tuesday night before a group with different disabilities posed for a tasteful snap to promote body confidence.

Participants also talked about how disabled people are treated and discussed individual situations that had affected them.

RNC principal Geoff Draper praised the programme’s stance on disabled issues and said staff were thrilled that Julie, 42, and Dave, 47, had showed courage and a sense of fun to inspire others.

“When our younger students organised a charity fashion show recently, some found themselves trying on clothes in shops for the first time ever.

“We certainly applaud the programme makers for bringing these issues to a mainstream audience, and would hope that the wishes and requirements of people with disabilities will increasingly become part of mainstream life,” he said.