A PLANNING application for a mobile phone mast in Ross-on-Wye has been withdrawn.

Telecommunications giant Vodafone had asked permission to put the 10-metre mast on the junction of Fernbank Road and Eastfield Road.

But Dr Ilana Clark, health and science specialist, said it had been withdrawn due to a change in Vodafone’s “technical requirements”.

Local MP Paul Keetch said the decision was the “most sensible solution” after meeting worried residents in the town.

Mr Keetch said he was concerned that the proposed site is very close to a children’s play park and in a fairly compact residential area.

“Planning policy and health issues are separate and rightly so - otherwise this becomes too emotive,” he said.

“But we were told about the dangers of smoking and asbestos after the health risks had affected so many - how do we know that phone masts are not a risk?”