THE archaeological dig at the Master's House in Ledbury is due to finish on Friday, after four weeks of excavations.

Volunteers have been carefully digging around the house and have uncovered a number of interesting relics.

Among these are about 30 wine bottles from the early 18th century, known as onion bottles because of their distinctive shape.

Chris Atkinson, Herefordshire Council's community archaeologist, said some of the bottles are dated 1709 and bear the owner's name, John Patenall.

"We've found out that he was the owner of the Feathers," he said. "There was also a place called the Booth Hall and he owned that as well."

He said two medieval rubbish pits had also been uncovered, plus a medieval wall. Pottery has been found dating from the 14th century, including cooking ware and table ware.

A report on the dig is scheduled to be ready around Easter, he said.