A BROMYARD group has struck bedrock in a bid to uncover the town’s past.

Dozens of town centre residents have opened their doors to the Bromyard Local History Society.

The group is undergoing a one-year study into the origins of town centre buildings from the 15th to 17th centuries.

Researchers have gained access to more than 60 properties since an appeal was launched in July.

Duncan James, who is recording the data for public release next summer, says there have been some exciting discoveries.

“We’ve found a lot of remains and we’ve now got a better understanding of the sequence of development,” he said.

“We’ve also found that many of the cellars have been cut into the bedrock – that’s quite extraordinary and is the first we’ve seen in Herefordshire.”

Researchers have also discovered staircases dating to 1630 and many woodcarvings that are unique to Bromyard.

Mandy Palmer, the society’s chairman, believes the lottery-funded project will be good for tourism and locals alike. “We feel that a better understanding of the buildings can be a valuable asset in terms of promoting the town,” she said.