ANOTHER archaeological discovery has been uncovered in Hereford close to the site of the new Rotherwas access road.

A platform of burnt stones, thought to date back to the same period as the Rotherwas Ribbon, has been unveiled close to the site of the road which opened yesterday.

The platform is much smaller in scale than the Ribbon but is constructed of similarly burnt stones and is of apparent prehistoric date.

Andy Boucher, managing director of Archaeological Investigations Ltd which is carrying out the work, said: “There is a clear similarity in the use of fire-cracked stones in the formation of this platform compared to the Ribbon discovered last year so it seems unlikely that they were separated by any great span of time.

"This is exciting because the new discovery is associated with features containing a wealth of evidence about the past environment and could well help to further unlock our understanding of the Ribbon.”

Last year's discovery of the Rotherwas Ribbon, which is thought to date back to the Bronze Age, caused great excitement in the archaeological world.

Herefordshire Council continued with the construction of the nearby Rotherwas relief road despite the protests of campaigners.