While you might often check the expiry date of your favourite foods, sometimes it can be fine to eat them when they've gone out of date.

To help cut down on unnecessary food waste, Brits are being encouraged to eat foods that have gone past their expiry date if they're still safe to eat.

Online food retailer MuscleFood has revealed 15 commonly bought food items that families should think twice about before throwing away.

This follows the move some supermarkets are making as they have been ditching the expiry date on the packaging of some food.

15 foods that can be eaten when out of date

Here are 15 foods that can be eaten past their expiry date, according to MuscleFood.


If potatoes are stored in a cold, dark dry place, they can last up to three months after their best before date.

Those stored at room temperature can last two to three weeks past their date.


If bread is stored correctly, most can last up to seven days beyond their expiry date but you’ll need to check the bread isn’t mouldy before eating it.


Make sure that cereal boxes are closed properly and kept in a dry, dark place.


If a yoghurt is left unopened, it can last up to two weeks past its expiry date

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Frozen fruit and vegetables

Frozen fruit and vegetables can be fine to eat for 8-10 months after their expiry date.


This condiment doesn’t expire in the same way other foods do but over an extended period of time, the flavour may change.

White rice

You can eat white rice past its expiry date if it is kept in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place.


Flour can be kept in packaging but for long-term storage, it’s best to keep it in an airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place.

Dry pasta

If you store dry pasta in the right conditions, it can last up to 24 months after its expiry date

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Soy sauce

MuscleFood advises Brits to judge soy sauce by its spoilage signs rather than going by the label.

It says that soy sauce has a long shelf life but if it’s left open for an extended time, you’ll need to check for mould and bad odour.


These treats can last beyond their expiry date if they are unopened.

Peanut butter

Jars of peanut butter that are unopened can last up to a year after their expiry date.


Milk can last up to five days after its printed date however, if you’re unsure if it’s good to use you should sniff it before pouring.

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Pre-packaged salad

Instead of paying attention to the expiry date on the bag, MuscleFood advises that you check the leaves.

Throw away any leaves that have wilted and the rest can be eaten.

Fresh fruit

This is fine to eat past its expiry date if there is no visible mould or apparent smell.