An out-of-town hardware store in Herefordshire is due to be refitted as a discount household goods outlet.

The Homebase on the New Mills Industrial Estate to the west of Ledbury, which opened 20 years ago, is set to become a Home Bargains according to a new planning application by the chain’s owners TJ Morris, numbered 241353.

This proposes a “comprehensive refurbishment” of the building including removing the current front lobby, installing a new shopfront, perimeter fencing and gates, and rejigging the customer car parking.


It proposes keeping the current garden centre area to the east of the main building.

The application is also seeking permission for a wider range of goods to be sold than under the current premises permission.

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The Home Bargains range, which it would “not be possible to disaggregate”, includes health and beauty products, medicines, baby products, household goods, toys and games, pet food, seasonal items, food and drink and some clothing and footwear.

There is currently only one Home Bargains in the county, on Hereford’s Holmer Road estate. But the company says it plans to double its number of outlets nationally, to 1,200.


The new Ledbury store would create “up to 100” full- and part-time positions – a “significant increase” on the current Homebase, it adds.

The company also says its analysis shows the new store “will not lead to a significant adverse impact on the long-term vitality and viability of Ledbury town centre”.

Comments on the application can be made via the council's planning webpage until July 11.

New main signs on the store will have to be approved via a separate application.