THREE astonishing mothers from Leominster have decided that no more will children experience this loneliness and have gracefully put on their own prom for all children who may be banned from their school proms!

Their event will be for all children aged 15 to 17, and will be held at The Quarters in Leominster next month.

This truly touched my heart, as a child who was also banned from her school prom and missed the experience.

On behalf of all children who never got to experience this, we would like to thank you, thank you for caring, thank you for stepping up!


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Our beautiful brains

A meticulous moving machine

Running like clockwork

A beast from within

A human life support machine

But what happens when you tick differently?

Scorned from an adolescent

For refusal for my brain to process systematically

A daunting battle of my sanity

Shattering a child’s self confidence

Masked as a figure of authority

With the spectrum of difficulties so vastly ranging

Hardly equates to the sparsity of support

Our children drowning in a system that cannot cope with their needs

Despite the battle to make it through the years

The belittlement, self loathing, scars and tears

Achievements, pridefulness, skills acquired

An emotional rollercoaster

All while experiencing different hormones

Now imagine despite difficulties out of your maturity level of understanding

Being told because of obscene regulations

Your right to exit your transition from an adolescent and a teenager into adulthood with your peers is stripped from you

And you’re not allowed to go to prom