A GHOST sign has reappeared as works take place on a former Herefordshire restaurant and coffee house.

The old sign of ‘The Olive Branch’ a licensed restaurant and coffee house based in Church Street, Leominster, has recently been uncovered, bringing back memories for many locals.

The eatery will be familiar to many, as it was originally opened in the Herefordshire town by Dave and Maggie Bond in October 1990, and operated throughout the first half of the decade before closing in 1995.

The building is now the home of Montez Architecture, who specialise in providing alterations, extensions, and repairs for historic properties. The Montez team discovered the ‘ghost sign’ whilst repairing their shopfront by removing rotten fibre board and chipping out 100 years worth of wood filler.

Montez Architecture and the Olive Branch are but two of the many businesses who have used the property over the years, with the building having a very varied past.


Over the years, it has played host to plenty of others, with a merchants house, a cafe, a lighting shop and more calling it home throughout its long history.

And, with the reappearance of the long-hidden sign, many locals have taken to social media to share their fond recollections of the building and its inhabitants.

“I recall it being run by Elizabeth Boar and her husband in the eighties as I used to go there with my mum,” said Alison Loyd.

“She made lovely apple pies but I can’t remember what it was called. I think Dave and maggie bond took over from them?”

Nina Cookson said “I worked for my auntie who owned it.”

“Mary Harris had it for years making cakes. We put six on a cake stand and you paid for how many you ate."

Ms Cookson said the restaurant, where the menu also boasted sandwiches, lunches, and Sunday roasts, was always busy.

“A lot of my cousins also worked there, happy memories," she said.