LAWYERS have been called in after caravans appeared on land in a Herefordshire village.

Questions were raised earlier this year after a number of static caravans were placed on the site off Stoney Street, which was previously used as an emergency stopover for travellers, but currently has no licence to operate as a traveller site.

And now an emergency meeting of Madley Parish Council has been held to address the situation, with draft minutes published this month.

Minutes from the recent meeting, which was attended by HALC clerk Helen Tinson, ward councillor David Hitchiner, Herefordshire Council acting development service manager Kelly Gibbons, and 29 members of the public revealed that Herefordshire Council had been preparing to submit an injunction and had engaged their legal team after the caravans were placed on the site.

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But, the minutes said, the council was unable to serve it as it became occupied in the meantime.

A planning contravention notice has since been served on the landowner, the meeting was told, while notices must be placed on each caravan on the site, with the occupants then given 21 days to respond.


Any enforcement notices then served would be required to be tailored to the individual circumstances of each occupant, the meeting heard.

The meeting was told that, as of April 25, it was believed that the caravans were 70 per cent occupied, and that while Herefordshire Council had instructed the landowner from occupying any more caravans, it could not stop more people moving in.

Locals were asked to document evidence of occupation, if they wished, and share this with Herefordshire Council.