A PICTURE has sparked fond memories of the old Bulmer's cider festival in Herefordshire and of the old buses that were used regularly by people in the county.

Penny Unitt posted a photo, in our Facebook group We Grew Up in Hereford, of the Midland H8 red bus decorated for the first cider festival held on King George's playing field in the early 70's.

This spurred people to share their memories of the Bulmer's popular festival and Herefordshire buses.

The Bulmer family were the long-standing owners of the Hereford cider company Bulmers, which is now the world's largest cider maker and is owned by Heineken.

Famous for its Strongbow, Scrumpy Jack, and Woodpecker ciders, the company's Hereford factory still produces much of its cider.

The family held an annual festival in Hereford involving copious amounts of cider amongst other things.

According to the Media Archive for Central England the steam locomotive Black Prince was seen pulling carriages and being manoeuvred in front of crowds of spectators on the private railway line owned by Bulmers.

There was also a microlight demonstration, crowds inspecting the Apollo 10 space capsule on the Bulmers stand, show jumping in the main arena, shire horses and Morris dancers.

Teresa Heath said she saw the Spinners there with her now husband of 48 years.

Gill Kirby said she has "great times" at the festival.

Whilst Penny Unitt asked: "How many cider festival were there? I remember two on King George's playing fields and one by Bulmer's factory. I worked at during my holiday from technical college."

John Baggott mentioned there was also one on Hereford racecourse, that Paul Gimlik thinks was in 1977 or 1978.

The last festival Ms Unitt can remember was in 1973 which she says was held by Yazor Brook Bulmers.

Steve Bemand had his first gig watching Pan's People on the back of a lorry this year, that he went to on his own.

"Wow!" he said.

Many remembered how they caught the bus to and from Putson (the H8) years ago.

Tracy Cowan said she rode the number 13 to Tupsley from Hereford, while Valerie Brian Tipton thought of her trips on the H3 to Whitecross.