SUMMER at last! Beautiful days of sunshine when people of Hereford long to be outdoors.

So what does the council do?

It mows the grass on the best outdoor spaces, the Bishop’s Meadow and the playing fields, and leaves swathes of dead grass to rot and disfigure the landscape.

It makes it impossible to enjoy the meadows since one cannot walk or play games or picnic or walk dogs without becoming entangled in dead grass.

It gets in shoes, the hair of dogs, the clothes of children and the lungs of hayfever and asthma sufferers. The clumps of dead grass kill off the meadows as recreation grounds, and leave a messy, ugly waste land.

What are your thoughts?

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Why is this desecration done? Because the council won’t spend the extra to have the dead grass removed (as it is, for example, in the children play area – so they must realise its hazardous effects).

Well, we pay our taxes and they should be used in ways we can appreciate for the good of the residents and summer visitors.

I read that this council rates 295 out of 318 as adjudicated by the Office for Local Government. What to do about it?