Herefordshire is to get nearly £600,000 in government funding to buy and support one-bedroom flats for homeless people in the county.

The extra cash from the government’s Single Homelessness Accommodation Programme “was not anticipated”, the council said.

It has accepted £460,000 towards buying at least five properties, and a further grant of £124,899 to pay for a for support worker for three years, and for other related costs.


This matches the “up to £460,000” promised to the council from the NHS’ Better Care Fund for the same use.

Assuming five are bought, this works out at an average of £160,000 per flat, with a further £15,000 per property for improvements and £9,000 to cover contingencies.

The flats “will add to the county’s housing stock and will be affordable in perpetuity, allowing future households who share protected characteristics, such as under-25’s and those who have a disability, to access appropriate accommodation”, the council explained.


Rental from the properties is expected to cover their ongoing costs to the council in the longer term.

The council is legally obliged to ensure accommodation is provided for homeless people and other vulnerable groups, it points out.

Earlier this year the council announced it would use £1.8 million of similar funding on “at least ten” properties specifically for young homeless people in the county.