YOU may have noticed that some of our court stories require a subscription to access.

I cover many of the court stories across Herefordshire and its borders, and am here to explain why some of these stories are subscription-only.

We try our best to cover as many cases as we can because it's important to keep people informed about justice being delivered, and for people to see the consequences of crime.

Some cases are put into the public domain by other parties, like community social media pages and authorities such as the police and council. But many of the defendants and crime we at the Hereford Times write about aren't, and are only made public because a reporter has been in court to hear the case.

The Hereford Times is the only professional newsroom in Herefordshire, so it is important that we make these crimes and sentences public for communities to be aware of.

Criminal cases have repercussions and leave victims in their wake, and shouldn't go unnoticed.

We don't always ask for subscriptions to read stories that are not exclusive, but we do for cases that we have exclusively covered. This is one reason to subscribe: you can expect to read about cases you won't see anywhere else.

Another reason is that by doing so, you're supporting local journalists who do their very best each day to keep you informed about what's happening in Herefordshire.

We're here to make sure you are kept informed about things you have a right to know; even if some people rather you didn't.

And of course, if you wanted to read about these things in the traditional format, you'd have to pay for a physical newspaper anyway.

It costs just £1 a month for a digital Hereford Times subscription for the first three months, and is only £1.99 a month after that.

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