WEEKEND sun seekers might be out of luck in Herefordshire, with thunder in the forecast.

Weekend weather

After a much cooler week than last, many of us will be hoping to get out and about in the sun this weekend.

But the Met Office has put a bit of a dampener on that, with a cloudy night forecast tonight and a risk of rain, locally heavy, in parts of the region by the morning.

Forecasters said tomorrow will be a murky start for many with some rain in the south. Conditions will turn more showery through the day, with a risk of thunder.

But, the Met Office said, Sunday will be a "drier end to the weekend", although there will be showers in places through Sunday and Monday with rain moving into the west on Tuesday.


Long range forecast

The rest of the month is looking much more uncertain, the Met Office said, with conditions likely to remain fairly unsettled across the UK.

More rain, showers, or even thunderstorms are likely in places, although there will also be some sunshine, with the Met Office forecasting that the best of this may be in the southwest. 

Rainfall and temperatures are likely to be a little above average, the Met Office said.