EVER struggled to find a public toilet in Herefordshire? Well struggle no more, as we've mapped them for you here.

The number of toilets run by Herefordshire Council across the county has been slashed over the last decade, freedom of information data has revealed.

In 2014, the council was responsible for operating a total of 24 public toilets in the county, but by 2024 that number had dropped to just 12.

That is one more than was recorded from 2018 to 2023, when Herefordshire Council operated 11 toilets.

Where can I find a public toilet in Herefordshire?

You actually have plenty to choose from, according to Herefordshire Council. Here are all the Herefordshire public toilets listed as open on the Herefordshire Council website:

Please note: this is not an exhaustive list of all the public toilets in Herefordshire, but lists all of those currently listed as open by Herefordshire Council. Temporary toilets are currently in place in Bromyard's Tenbury Road car park, while only the accessible toilet is currently open in Leominster's Central Car Park.


What happened to all of Herefordshire Council's toilets?

The biggest drop in the number of toilets operated by Herefordshire Council came in 2017, when the number fell from 19 the previous year to 13.

But, despite the council having said in 2013 that it would have to close public toilets in order to save money, not all of those toilets were actually closed.

Instead, some were transferred to town councils to run under the council's policy to devolve services to town councils.

They included the Tenbury Road toilets in Bromyard, which are currently out of action while major works are carried out, in 2016. Elsewher, Leominster town council took responsibility for the public toilets in Grange Walk and Central Car Park in 2014, while toilets in Red Meadow and Wye Street in Ross-on-Wye were also taken on by the local town council.