I AM deeply concerned about the preservation of Arthur’s Stone as I do not believe enough is being done to protect it as a religious site.

For centuries the Cromlech has been used by those locals who have lived and died in Bredwardine, Moccas and surrounding area but it is now being turned into a tourist and archaeological attraction by those who do not appear to know its local history.

The residents living in the previously isolated forestry position surrounding the area could not access the one-in-four hill which led down to Bredwardine Church so the residents built a small chapel.

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The chapel was used along with Arthur’s Stone for religious services until it became derelict when Arthur’s Stone was used solely.

As a child I attended these services as did many generations before me. People had their ashes scattered there after death and in earlier cases were even buried there. So why is the universal code regarding religious sites being ignored? The area should be protected from those trampling over the remains and surely there should not be archaeological digs taking place.

It is a religious site and not just a monument, which should be returned to its original form with a protective fence around it and a locked gate for its physical and spiritual protection.