HEREFORD is currently hotter than Ibiza with temperatures expected to climb. 

After a period of wet and chilly weather, the city experienced a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, which has continued today (May 7). 

As of 4pm, the temperature in Hereford is 21C - a degree warmer than in Ibiza, which is renowned for its golden beaches and sunny climes. 


And the weather is set to continue to warm and dry throughout the week, peaking at 23C on Friday and Saturday (May 10 and 11). 

However, you will have to make the most of it though as next week is set to be cooler with rain at times. 

Met Office forecast this week

This evening and tonight

Dry this evening with plenty of late evening sunshine. Staying dry overnight with some patches of mist and fog developing under clear skies. Areas of low cloud spreading into the far east towards dawn. Feeling mild under cloudier skies. Minimum temperature 7 °C.


Any low cloud, mist and fog soon clearing as the sun rises to leave another dry day with plenty of warm sunshine and light winds. Maximum temperature 20 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday

High pressure dominates for the rest of the week, bringing settled conditions and lots of dry weather. Feeling very warm with light winds. Mild overnight with fog patches possible.