If you’ve ever thought that art only features in movies and galleries, and is reserved only for creative types, think again.

Art plays a role in everything we do. From the design of the screen that you are reading this article on, to the style of your clothing and the cars on the road, art influences every aspect of everyday life. And that applies in the world of business too. No matter your audience and no matter what you’re selling, art, design, and style all play key roles in your business.

This is why many entrepreneurs are turning to Adobe Express, an online editing tool packed with features, from professionally-designed templates to AI-generated visuals. With Adobe Express, you can embrace society’s love of art by creating stunning visuals that engage your audience and help your business grow.

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Images speak louder than words

Even if you’re more of a wordsmith, the power of visuals shouldn’t be overlooked.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

People can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

People can recall nearly 65% of visual information three days later, compared to only 10% of information that they have heard.

If you’re not using powerful visuals in your marketing and sales material, you’re likely missing out on connecting with potential customers.

Use Adobe Express as your marketing team

Small and medium sized businesses account for 99.9% of the UK’s business population! Around 4.1 million of those businesses run without additional employees, meaning millions of business owners perform multiple roles, from finance and customer service to marketing and sales.

If you’re responsible for attracting new customers, you can use Adobe Express to quickly create professional marketing materials. Get professional looking, business-ready advertising materials, including posters, discount flyers, social media content, and business cards.

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Capitalise on different visual styles

Once you’ve decided to embrace more visual materials, you’ll need to find a style that suits your business, and build your brand assets and other marketing and sales collateral in line with your new look.

Start by exploring different art styles to see what resonates with your business. It doesn’t matter if you run a domestic cleaning business, an independent bakery, or are a tradie looking for more customers – you’ll find a style that speaks to your brand and your target customers.

Here are four popular art styles to explore:

  • Start with pop art, a style that originated in the 50s and 60s and is described as “young, sexy, popular, and glamorous”. This style is great for websites, posters, and social media content.
  • If you’re drawn to geometric shapes, symmetrical patterns, and clean straight lines then you might want to embrace an art deco style.
  • For bold and bright marketing materials, check out abstract art. This style is full of expression and contrasting colours. Abstract art textures have a tactile look and feel that is great for business cards.
  • Lastly, take a look at graffiti art, often called street or wall art. Originating from the 60s, and initially branded as vandalism, this art form has evolved and can be used to make powerful statements. It could be a great style for advertising your business!

The power of art in business

It’s not just marketing and sales that can benefit from a brand face-lift. Your style should be consistent throughout your business materials, from your logo to your business letters.

Once you’ve established your visual identity, you’ll want that to appear on everything that’s connected to your business. That way your customers will get visual reminders throughout their customer journey of your brand. Add it to your email signatures, job receipts, and any other customer-facing material you can.

Here are some of the ways you can use Adobe Express for your business:

Use Adobe Express’ easy online editor to tweak hundreds of templates so that they’re perfect for your business. You’ll be able to find the right fonts, graphics and animations, and can even use Adobe Firefly, Adobe Express’ built-in AI technology, to generate high-quality texts and images at the click of a button. 

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Speak to your niche with the right art forms

If you’re looking for a particular art style to really stand out from the crowd and draw in your target audience, you can use Adobe Express’ resources to explore different style genres.

Delve into the style of futurism, a style inspired by technology and innovation that uses bold, clean lines, ambient textures, depth, and brightly contrasting colours. Learn how afrofuturism blends the vibrancy of African heritage with elements from fantasy, science fiction, and Black history, to create an empowering style that celebrates Black culture and speaks to Black audiences.

Discover impressionist art, filled with bright colours, beautifully accurate depictions of light, and an unrefined, almost “fuzzy”, finish. You might find modernism more appealing, with bright colour palettes brought to life by unusually placed lighting, and an abstract, sometimes patterned, style. Or, maybe contemporary art holds the key. This style experiments with abstract styles, varied textures, and striking colour combinations to draw viewers’ attention and spark conversation.

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Use Adobe Express to learn how to improve your business designs

Today, small business owners face plenty of challenges, from rising inflation to operating in a post-Covid era. As the responsibilities of running a business pile up, more and more people are turning to Adobe Express for their business needs.

Whether you’re a content creator wanting to learn about the value of repetition in your designs or a freelancer trying to figure out the best number fonts to use in your sales pitch, Adobe Express can help.

Discover a suite of free tools and get empowered with easy-to-follow resources from Adobe Express. Start creating today.