A TEACHER who owned and ran a Hereford college has died at the age of 85.

Joanna Grundy was the principal of St Barbara's Secretarial College, a private college in Hereford open from 1982 to 1992 which trained secretaries. 

She also ran courses for disabled students and a Guides group in Hereford.

"Mrs Grundy paid for my training to gain qualifications when I was unemployed," said her former student, colleague and friend Faith Ford. "I then became the typing teacher and principal's assistant."

Mrs Ford added: "Having studied in various educational establishments from infant to universities, I can say with all honesty that Mrs Grundy was the best teacher I ever had. She was also an inspirational person with many wider interests and a love of the environment and animals.

"I am sure there are still many in Hereford who have memories of Mrs Grundy and their time at St Barbara's. 

"Mrs Grundy and I kept in touch with Christmas and birthday cards over the years and I shall miss her. She was intelligent, kind and compassionate and a good friend. My thoughts and prayers are with her family."

Mrs Grundy opened the college in 1982 after marrying her late husband Lewis Grundy and having two daughters, Heather and Jane.

The college was initially based in Franklin House before expanding and moving to Portfield House in Dawes Road.


Mrs Grundy retired in 1992, closed down the college and moved to Yorkshire with her husband.

After her husband's death, Mrs Grundy moved to the Isle of Man with her cats and spent the rest of her retirement living with her youngest daughter.

Mrs Ford said that she owed her career to her former teacher, and said: "I will forever be grateful for the opportunity she gave me to start my career in education that spanned 38 years. After the closure of the college I became a dyslexia specialist. It opened many doors in my own career."