Living a long, happy life is all many of us want but does where you live make that much of a difference?

We'll try almost anything to live longer from eating well and exercising to getting enough sleep and trying to limit our bad habits (even if it's really hard at times!)

We read self-help books and listen to endless podcasts to try and uncover all the secrets and life hacks we can but is it really just down to the luck of the draw?

Dara from the Office for National Statistics has indicated that people tend to live longer when they stay in more affluent areas and actually where you live can have a considerable impact on your life expectancy.

What is the average life expectancy in the UK?

Boys born in the UK in 2020 can expect to live on average to the age of 87.3 years, the ONS has reported.

Meanwhile, girls can expect to live to the age of 90.2 years.

The research takes into account projected changes in mortality patterns over their lifetime.

AgeWatch has also noted the life expectancy differences between affluent and deprived areas.

For instance, it notes that East Dorset (home to Sandbanks, the millionaire’s peninsula), and other affluent areas, including Chiltern in Buckinghamshire, South Cambridgeshire, Harrow (north-west London) and Kensington and Chelsea (west London) usually feature in the top ten places in the UK for longevity.

In comparison, Age Watch notes that more deprived areas found in parts of Scotland, Manchester and Blackpool in north west England, the north east of England and the West Midlands often rank low for life expectancy studies.

Using Oldest in Britain and Supercentenarian data, the team at Fabulous Bingo have decided to explore the question - where are you likely to live the longest?

Where will you likely live the longest in the UK?

West Glamorgan, in South West Wales has been dubbed as ‘luckiest’ place to live, with the most golden oldies and an average age of 113.

It has had two supercentenarians (people who have reached 110 years old) including Anne Eliza Williams who was born in 1887 and lived to 114 years and 208 days of age and John Evans who was born in 1877 and lived to 112 years and 295 days.

With an average age of 111.8, if you live in South Yorkshire, you could have the chance of living to a ripe old age.

A total of four supercentenarians have lived in South Yorkshire including three women; Ethel Lang, Bessie Camm and Hannah Smith and one male named Ralph Burgess Tarrant.

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Chris Ashton at Fabulous Bingo commented: “In a world of increasing longevity, and the rise of Blue Zones hitting the news, our research reveals that West Glamorgan, South West Wales shines as the 'luckiest' place to live, boasting an astonishing average age of 113, with remarkable supercentenarians like Anne Eliza Williams and John Evans.

"What's more, women dominate the ranking of supercentenarians, with 219 out of 234 individuals, highlighting their remarkable resilience.

"Wanting to live for as long as possible is naturally desirable by many and in order to do so, it's crucial to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, so reviewing how often and hard you exercise, the foods you ingest and even undertaking rituals such as meditation, which can be linked to a longer life”.