“TAKE a brownfield-first approach to deliver new homes where people want to live without concreting over the countryside,” says the Government.

“The provision of housing in Hereford ... will be restricted to within defined settlement boundaries. The Aylestone Hill/ Tupsley ridge should continue to define the limits or the urban area of the city to the north east. Further development on, or in the vicinity of the Aylestone Hill/Tupsley ridge will not be permitted”, say Herefordshire Council policies.

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On appeal by Bovis against a planning refusal for just 135 houses to be built on the other side of the Lugg Meadows the planning inspector cited, among other things, “the effect of the proposal on the character and appearance of the landscape” and its relationship with the river Lugg SSSI and Special Area of Conservation in refusing the appeal.

Yet we have an application to build 350 houses (Revealed, vision for hundreds of homes, March 21) outside the defined settlement boundary, on greenfield land, right up to the SSSI on the edge of the floodplain, where the hopeful developer has recently been active with a digger to try to clear floodwater from the main access road.