A prominent Hereford car showroom and garage plans some major changes.

Spa Motors of Eign Street has put in a planning application (number 240826) to build a single, 50-metre long workshop with office space to the rear of its showroom, in a bid to streamline its operation.

The garage, which took over from Steels last November, was given permission earlier this year to knock down three existing workshop buildings, which “are deteriorating and in need to of repair, both structurally and athletically [sic]”, according to the new application.


Clad in grey insulated panelling, the new single steel-framed building would have eight bay doors and solar panels on the roof. It is intended to be airtight in order to keep in heat and noise.

The siting of the new workshop maximises distances to the site’s boundaries and avoids direct overlooking of neighbouring properties or any loss of daylight to them, the application says, adding that its height would match one of the existing workshops.


To its front would be a car sales forecourt with customer parking, with a workshop and service zone to the rear. A one-way system through the site would be created, with customers entering on Eign Street and leaving via Portland Street to the north.

The Portland Street end of the workshop would be “a modern interpretation” of the current soon-to-be demolished brick building.

Comments on the application can be made via the Herefordshire Council planning webpage until May 17.