PRINCE William has been in Hereford today.

He was at a memorial service at Hereford Cathedral to remember the life of Mike Sadler, a SAS navigator and intelligence officer who died in January.

Edward Harley, the Lord-Lieutenant of Herefordshire, said it was a wonderful service for the last survivor of 'the regiment originals'


"The cathedral, as always, rose to the occasion," he said.

The Prince of Wales is no stranger to visiting the cathedral. 

In 2017, the then Duke of Cambridge, was greeted by hundreds of well-wishes and SAS soldiers as see a window at the cathedral commemorating the military regiment. 

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The latest visit came just a day after the Prince carried out his first royal engagement since the the Princess of Wales' cancer diagnosis.

Prince William visited Surplus to Supper in Surrey to highlight the community and environmental impact the surplus food redistribution charity is having in the area.

Last month, the Princess of Wales announced in a heartfelt video that she is undergoing treatment for cancer. It led to an outpouring of support and well wishes from around the world. 

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