HUNDREDS of drivers have been caught speeding in a village in Herefordshire.

The number of drivers caught out by mobile speed enforcement on the A4110 at Canon Pyon was revealed by a freedom of information request submitted to West Mercia Police. 

The force said a total of 1,321 speeding drivers had been sent notices of intended prosecution after they were clocked breaking the limit on the A4110 in Canon Pyon village between 2019 and 2023.


The figures showed the numbers caught leapt from under 10 in both 2019 and 2020 to 315 in 2021 and 590 in 2022, before falling to 400 in 2023.

The speed of those caught was, on average, found to be between 37 and 39 miles per hour over the period, with the force confirming that it starts enforcement in the 30 miles per hour zone at 35 miles per hour.

The force was unable to say how much revenue had been raised from the fines imposed, with the fixed penalty fine and court fines and costs, which vary, going to central government. 

But despite the number of speeders caught out, the force said, just two cases of pedestrians being hit by cars have been reported in the village in the period, both of which were low-injury and neither of which were speed-related.

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Speeding has long been a cause of concern in the village, with minutes from a recent meeting of Pyon Group Parish Council confirming that councillors are working with police to address this "key priority".

Councillors had previously called on the West Mercia Safer Roads Partnership to install a fixed speed enforcement camera in the village in 2021, but were told by police that the village did not meet the criteria.

But, minutes from the council's January meeting said one local had raised the issue as a "major problem" that had not improved in the nine years they had lived there.