I FEEL the council has made yet another gaffe in approving the new Belmont Lidl.

Surely, a park and ride at the Three Counties Hotel site would have been a better idea than yet another supermarket?

I took the Zipper bus last Saturday at 9.45am from the station (I’m close enough to walk there). It was empty all the way to my destination, the cathedral.

What are your thoughts?

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I asked the driver how many passengers he had on his 12 daily circuits and was told about 150. He also informed me that the service would be free for a year and then a fare would be introduced. Maybe people will be more used to it by then and be willing to pay? Dream on. The Zippers were running empty on Easter Sunday, when virtually everything was closed!

I also read the news that bus services are to be cut drastically throughout the country, yet Hereford is due £101m to improve local transport. But the bypass is going ahead, allegedly. And they want us to give up our cars. Potholes might do it!

We really do live in Wonderland!