FIREFIGHTERS were called to the main Hereford to Worcester road this morning (April 11) after a large vehicle caught fire. 

The incident happened on the A4103 in Stifford's Bridge, on the Herefordshire side of the Worcestershire border at around 7.10am. 

A spokesperson for Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service said: "Crews discovered a vehicle with an overheated engine and this was cooled using a hose reel jet."


The spokesperson added that the vehicle was checked over using a thermal imaging camera and was relocated to a place of safety. 

The crew spent nearly an hour at the scene before leaving shortly before 8.05am. 

To prevent a vehicle fire, the fire service advice you keep up-to-date with its service and MOT history because most fires can be prevented with regular maintenance. 

Some simple pre-journey checks can also be carried out, such as checking oil, tyre and coolant levels, and not ignoring warning lights.