DO you remember this lost Hereford shop?

Timothy Whites supplied locals with homewares, pharmaceuticals, and appliances from the 1950s through to the mid-1980s.

Finding its home in Eign street, now Eign gate, the shop was part of a 614-store-strong chain that sold retail chemist goods alongside houseware. The firm was purchased by Boots in 1968 and eventually phased out by 1985.

Members of We Grew Up in Hereford have been sharing their memories of the shop during its decades in the city.

Many recall family and friends having worked at the outlet throughout its long life in Eign Street.

Teresa White said: “I worked in Timothy Whites in Hereford. I was about seventeen ish.

“I remember every week when I got paid, I would buy something for my bottom drawer, it's what we did then.

“I remember getting some funny looks walking through high town to get the bus home with an ironing board. Someone told me I'd be better off with a surfboard.

“Happy days.”

Lots of locals still own items they purchased from the shop that they still use to this day, with Bridget Burge claiming to have a 48-year-old ironing board which is still going strong.  Most impressively, multiple people claim to have electronic devices such as Kenwood Chefettes and electric knives which remain functional all these years later.

Gwyneth Gill said: “They certainly don’t make things to last like that.

“Always loved that shop, nice displays and plenty of room to move around in the shop. Still got some cutlery I had from there as well.”