A HEREFORD man has been fined for selling vapes to a child.

Herefordshire Council has brought enforcement action against the sale of the age-restricted product to young people under 18, which includes vapes containing nicotine.

Kantharuban Sriskantharaja, a 46-year-old of Oakfield Road in Hereford, was prosecuted at Worcester Magistrates’ Court on March 28.

The court heard that he sold two vapes, a cherry Elf Bar and a blueberry Elf Bar, to an under-18 on August 10 last year.

He was fined £80 and ordered to pay court costs of £966.49 and a victim surcharge of £32, after pleading guilty to one count of selling nicotine inhaling products to a person aged under 18.


Disposable vapes will soon be unavailable in UK shops altogether as the Government has banned them in a bid to protect children’s health.

According to the Government, the number of children using vapes has tripled in the last three years and there is strong evidence to suggest that disposable vapes are partly to blame.

Regulation of vape flavours, packaging and how they are displayed in shops is also due to change, with trading standards gaining the power to issue “on the spot” fines of up to £100 to anyone selling tobacco and vapes to children.