HEREFORDSHIRE was billed to feature strongly in a new Channel 4 programme as it airs this evening, with two sisters receiving a £1 million windfall... but it seems that a major TV channel has mixed its Herefordshire with its Hertfordshire.

Ahead of this week’s new property programme Key to a Fortune, which showed on Channel 4 today (April 7) at 5.15pm, Channel 4 said sisters Debbie and Paulette are surprised when they find out they are heirs to a semi-detached property in Herefordshire left to them by a distant relative they never knew they had.

But when the programme aired, viewers were told that the pair were inheriting a property in Cheshunt... Hertfordshire.

Hereford Times: This house was part of the inheritanceThis house was part of the inheritance (Image: Key to a fortune, Channel 4)

After being tracked down by a team of inheritance experts, Debbie and Paulette are accompanied by presenter Jean Johansson to take their first look at the mystery property.

In a clip from tonight’s episode, Jean introduces the sisters to mortgage broker and investor, Tayo Oguntonade, who is there to reveal just how valuable the estate is.

Addressing the sisters, Tayo says: “So the total inheritance as a whole is £1 million and 90 thousand pounds”.


The sisters are visibly stunned after hearing the news with Debbie saying: “Crickey! I can’t imagine that, gosh I’m staggered.”

Paulette becomes more emotional: “We didn’t know her [the deceased relative] or know anything about her, you know.”

Comforting Paulette, Jean says: “It’s just wonderful that somebody you’ve never met can touch you like that. Tayo is going to come up with some ideas, just to tell you about the potential of this property. And I’m going to have great pleasure in telling you a little bit more about June [the deceased relative].”

Jean then adds: “And I think Paulette needs a cuddle, we’ll get a cup of tea”.

However, Debbie thinks something a bit stronger might be in order: “She probably needs a gin and tonic actually! That’s what she’d like”.