A HEREFORDSHIRE scrap metal carrier has been fined after advertising waste collection services, which she had been banned from doing after a previous offence.

Valerie Jane Butler, 52, pleaded guilty at Hereford Magistrates' Court on March 26 and was fined for breaching a criminal behaviour order, which prohibited her from advertising, promoting or recommending waste collection service.

After pleading guilty, she was fined £120.

She was also told to pay a victim surcharge of £48 and prosecution costs of £746.11.

Her criminal behaviour order was extended by a year, a penalty which was not opposed by the mitigating side.


Butler, of Openfields, Bringsty, was previously convicted of two charges of handling, controlling, or transferring controlled waste without taking reasonable measures, and one count of transporting controlled waste with a view to make profit as an unregistered carrier.

The conviction, in March 2023, saw her banned from carrying or travelling with any controlled waste not produced by her, engaging in any waste management or clearance services in the course of a trade or business, or advertising or promoting any services relating to the carrying, disposal, or management of waste.

She was further banned from directly or indirectly causing threats of violence, engaging in any burning of waste, directly or indirectly causing intimidation to anyone employed or engaged by Severn Waste Services, and directly or indirectly causing damage to any premises or waste belonging to Severn Waste Services.